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Technical data


 Distinguishing characteristics of DSP board Repo by Sorbes provided the following key features:

- High Quality
- Class E1 formaldehyde emission
- very good resistance to bending
- beautifully holds screws
- the optimal structure of board

Allows furniture manufacturers to save energy and reduce wear of the equipment. Using quality raw materials and advanced equipment provides the optimum size fraction and provides persistent physical and mechanical properties of the board.

Technical information - Melamine DSP

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) - wood plate from oriented long size chips OSB boards has high bending strength and high elastic strength along the main axis of the plate. In fact, OSB - is "improved wood - more durable and resilient - due to conservation in flat chips of all the useful properties of solid wood, in the absence of such defects as knots and changing the direction of fibers in connection with the natural conditions of tree growth.

Technical information - OSB board

HDF - High Density Fiberboards - have long won recognition specialists. HDF is produced by hot pressing of dry high-quality wood fiber trees. On production technology and some properties of the new material is similar to the HDF MDF, but it is much denser and has improved performance. HDF lends itself well to different types of treatment and decoration. All these advantages allow the use of HDF for the manufacture of office furniture, kitchen furniture, doors, exhibition stands, for interior design and so on.

Technical information - Melamine HDF

Worktops are made from high quality chipboard. The working surface is covered with decorative plastic high-pressure (HPL), which guarantees a high resistance to abrasion, moisture, stains caused by exposure to household chemicals. A wide selection of textures and colors you can find a suitable surface for every taste.

Technical Information - Worktops

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF; Medium Density Fiberboard) - slab material is produced by dry pressing finely ground wood chips under high pressure and temperature. As a binder used urea resin, modified melamine. This provides a very low formaldehyde emission, comparable to the emission of natural wood.

Technical Information – MDF board

Veneered Chipboard is a material which gives the appearance of the genuine wood. Veneer chipboard arises by pressing the veneer splices into the raw chipboard. Chipboard is covered by 0.6mm veneer. Our Veneered Chipboards are polished on both sides and great alternative to solid wood.

Technical Information - Venereed Chipboard

Acrylic - clean and transparent polymeric material has a good physical-mechanical properties. It is suitable for heat treatment, has high strength and resistance to UV radiation. Acrylic exterior plate is particle board, which is covered with glossy 1.4 mm thick acrylic plastic, creating a mirror effect. Contact of the board is mat, covered with 1.2 mm thick plastic, made in the same color as the front side.

We offer Italian glossy acrylic front plate which is the latest trend of European furniture fashion. This material has a large color palette and easy to clean. Thanks to thick, 1.4 mm acrylic coating and uniformity of color throughout the entire depth of the material, it is absolutely smooth surface reflects light even if we get any scratches and it is easy to grind it.


* Ideal smooth surface
* The unique degree of gloss - 100 gloss
* The reverse side of fabric - plastic mat in the color of the facade
* High resistance to color change and gloss finish
* Stability in contact with hot steam and liquids
* Resistance to deformations in the manufacture of furniture
* Ability to restore - slight scratches are removed with a polish
* Environmentally friendly - contains no heavy metals, carcinogenic elements

Technical Information – Acryl board


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