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OSB (Oriented Strand Board)- wood plate from oriented long size chips (Strand). OSB boards are made by pressing Strand at high pressure and temperature, using waterproof resin gluing. This is the first wood-based plate designed specifically for construction. Currently, OSB is becoming more widely used in the furniture industry, displacing plywood, primarily from power elements of furniture.

Unique physical and mechanical properties are explained by plate size and nature of stacking chips - long, thin Strand (length - 140 mm, thickness - up to 0,6 mm), stacked in three layers of carpet. The outer layers are formed by strand, oriented parallel to the length of the finished plate. In the inner layer is placed perpendicular to the length of the strand finished plate.



 Due to this orientation flat long size chips we have a structural material with anisotropic properties - increased bending strength and high elastic strength along the main axis of the plate. In fact, OSB - is "improved wood - more durable and resilient - due to conservation in flat chips of all the useful properties of solid wood, in the absence of such defects as knots and changing the direction of fibers in connection with the natural conditions of tree growth.

The significant difference of OSB from other board materials is that the mechanical properties and ability to hold fasteners are not provided a binder, and the nature of stacking chips - loaded in the operation of long strand transfer the load over each other, forming a single structural element, free from stress raisers, and combines high strength with high elasticity.

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